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Ramblings of a Failed Romantic

6 October
I always ask before adding people as friends. I'd appreciate the same...

Here's 100 random things about me:

I edited it down for your reading pleasure.

1. My favorite colour is red.
7. I am secretly a tomboy.
15. I'm a librarian. I even own the action figure.
30. I have a cat named Bruno, he lives over 2,000km away in Saskatoon with my parents. We visit on the phone.
I like my cat more then I like most people.
34. I didn't love library school.
36. I got my first email account in 1991. I was an "early adapter" of hotmail. This statement is supposed to give me internet credibility.
52. My fish, George, died.
68. I fancy myself a deep thinker though I am probably not one.
95. I don't own a television.
96. I don't own a cell phone.
97. I really don't like talking on the phone.