chasing_love (chasing_love) wrote,

I am convinced that the world is full of assholes

I still can't sleep, I was reading old entries and finding relief in knowing that I was becoming a bitter and jaded person prior to the falling out with my parents.  Ah, life.

I'm fatter now then I was last year at this time.  I'm typically okay with this unless I go on facebook.  Facebook is the devil, I hate it.  It really feels like it has become a necessary evil.  WHY!  What ever happened to a good old fashioned email?  Seriously?  Facebook makes it harder to just brush someone off - know what I mean?  Ever had a friend that just got more and more annoying until finally one day you decide to just maybe start ignoring them?  I know, mature.  But it's a nice, easy way to get out of something not all that great.  But with Facebook, you are seriously fucked.  Every event you go to, every party you have - you either have to make it all secret to avoid said person or you just need to be harsh and break up.  Really!  Is that necessary?  I don't want to know why some people have drifted away from me, do you?  Isn't it nicer when they are just really busy and slowly you fill your time with other people and activities - then one day you see them on the street and are like, "Hey!  How's it going?  Been a while!"  Yeah, that's because you USED to hang out and now the person is just an old friend.  Facebook has not strengthened my relationships or made it easier to keep in touch.  It may have helped me find someone I went to high school with (but whom I obviously never put an effort into keeping in touch with) or it may have helped me look and go, "Ha!  Look at that person that taunted me!" or some such other random crap.  Seriously though, my life is not better because of facebook.

The worst part is how facebook can merge all of your worlds into one - your online world, your family world, your work world, and your friend world.  AH, that is so awful even just to think about! 

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