chasing_love (chasing_love) wrote,

So we bought a car.

Married + Car = domestic life. It's weird, this change. I am 28. My husband is 36. Neither of us have ever owned a car, we are city dwellers and have actually taken great pride in not being car owners. But last summer, we moved into a place with a parking spot. We actually felt the frustration of not being able to leave the city if we wanted to. My bike got all banged up. Etc. Up until that point, we had always bused/biked/walked everywhere. It wasn't bad, our groceries got delivered. We didn't pay for car maintenance, we didn't have the responsibility. We could get around anywhere we visited because public transit wasn't something that intimidated us (cmon car people, I know that shit is scary to y'all).

We reached an agreement - we would rent a car once a month. We would run away. But we got the car for those three precious days and we would run around doing every random errand that was a pain in the ass without a car. We never got away, we never relaxed. So we agreed that once we had a valid reason, we would buy a car.

Then I got a new job. In the middle-of-fucking-nowhere. Seemed like a valid excuse, my commute was over 45 minutes each way (via three buses). Not so bad, I know - but if I missed a single bus in my three bus connection, the commute extended to over an hour. I didn't mind the crowded rush hour buses, I always gave my seat up to people with limited mobility. I always found coworkers on the last leg to chat with, the overall experience wasn't bad. But...there was free parking. Free! and driving would take less then 15 minutes. Plus, if I drove then there was a gym on the way home. The final touch? A friend lent us a car for a week and I was sold. Within a few days, we had the keys to a pretty 2006 VW Golf.

What a yuppy car. We have embraced how Yuppy It Is.

It has a tape player and the most annoying this about it is the lack of power locks. Who knew that was such a valuable feature?

Benefits include:
-No crazy "AH I'M LATE" mornings which used to happen every day.
-I eat breakfast with my husband.
-I get quiet time on the way to work.
-I can fill the car up with my shit, it can be a traveling part of my household.

Things I miss:
-Sitting on the bus not thinking about anything.
-The morning traffic is fucking CRAZY. Commuters are real assholes!
-People. I miss the little kids, the crazies, and the bus drivers.
-The other day, I almost got hit by someone that changed lanes at the same time as me but didn't signal. I caught it just in time and managed to move back into crazy traffic but wow, now I'm a tad tense when I drive.
-I can't seem to get the seat adjusted, it makes me feel incredibly incompetent.
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